Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reincarnation of Kenneth Anderson - Part 2

A few years ago a leading publishing house brought out two Omnibus editions of Kenneth Anderson's books. Each volume was a compilation of three books.

Volume I :
  1. Tales from the Indian Jungles
  2. Man-eaters and Jungle Killers
  3. The Call of the Man-eater
Volume II:
  1. The Black Panther of Sivanipalli
  2. The Tiger Roars
  3. Jungles Long Ago
He wrote eight, but why two of his other books were not included is a mystery. His first book published in 1954 "Nine Man-eaters and One Rogue" and "This is the Jungle"

The Omnibus editions fail on two counts. First, it does not include the maps and pictures found in the original publications. Second, the errors are numerous. Maybe the proof reader was not a fan of either Kenneth Anderson or wildlife. However, for anyone who hasn't had a chance to discover Kenneth Anderson earlier they make a riveting set of books.

Perhaps I should thank the publishers for their effort for introducing this master story teller to a new generation. I say this because even Google fails to throw up enough material on Kenneth Anderson.

However for those interested in the originals, you can download two of them (Nine Man-eaters and One Rogue & The Black panther of Sivanipalli) from the Internet Archive

Happy reading


Anonymous said...

Perhaps ... like Corbett, Anderson could have a national park ... unfortunate that he dosent

Tigertracker said...

If that does not happen it certainly will not be for want of trying!!