Saturday, December 26, 2009

Turquoise Waters & Emerald Isles - an Andaman Adventure

For a woodcrawler like me the world always has remained GREEN. Everything I saw and loved had a shade of green attached to it. All other colours were just colours. Not worthy of a second glance.

That was till a week ago. My sis and Bro-in-law convinced me that there are more colours in this world beyond the Greens my myopic eyes would see and deposited me in the middle of the Bay of Bengal, on a tiny patch of land called Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

It ensured that my eyes opened to another colour and hordes of new creatures that I would otherwise have never cared to even look at.

Of course, I had no choice but look & stare at BLUE and its shades for the next five days.

The mainland was some 1000 kilometers away across the blue waters and I am not a swimmer. The Bay of Bengal is not exactly the place I'd want to experiment my limited talents in.

So it was Blue, Blue & more non-stop Blue between 19th and 24th December.
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Monday, December 07, 2009

A Writer's Block

I know mental blocks. Your brain becomes adamant and refuses to co-operate. You become lethargic, the world seems to move around in slow motion and you feel like you are floating in a cloud of distressing haze.....

..but this one stunned me. A Writer's Block.

My brain is still sniggering at my helplessness though it keeps a straight face when I give it my most annoyed look! It knows my finger's won't cooperate till it tells them to.

I have tales to tell; of Bandipur & B.R Hills but the words have dried up. I really don't know whether to knock my head somewhere or simply pull out that annoying lump inside my skull and dunk it in the washing machine.

Obviously, the second option is not an option at all but I'm so flustered I don't mind trying it out. I have a nice sharp machette that would do the trick without much trouble but something has come up now, that I am reconsidering this drastic option.

My sis tells me that the seas off the coast of the Andaman islands are full of rejuvenating life and energy. Perhaps the angle of the sunrays reflecting off the waters of the Bay of Bengal hit the head at a different wave length that it cools the brain rather than cook it!!

So I've accepted her offer to go and grill my brain off the coast of the Andaman's. Maybe when I return, my brain would have learnt a lesson and will allow my finger's to cooperate again.

Watch this space. I'll have lot's of new tales and pictures and it will be different. Blue seas in contrast to my green jungles. Perhaps it will deserve it's own exclusive space here, maybe titled something like "Snorkeling, Island Hopping & Pickling your brain". See you soon......