Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mystery of the Missing Chivas

My friend Anonymous (?!) asked me what happened to that confiscated bottle of Chivas.

Now, I dislike whiskey. Desi & Videsi. It tastes YUCK! Besides, after the binge, your family will smell you as get out of the car and exchange meaningful glances. I love my friends and wont give them away to my family!

My poison is vodka. With a "twist" of vanilla or orange. Give me an Absolut any day. (I'll settle for a Smirnoff too if absolutely essential!!) Vodka with a chilly floating in it, a sprinkle of salt on the edge of the glass and three ice cubes; you just can't beat that.

Besides, vodka is a clean drink. It's colourless, odourless & tasteless. Throw anything with it and it will blend invisibly. The best part of all; it "kicks" in slowly and gently. Giving you time to reach home and the comfort of your bed. Then it picks you up and takes you to heaven.

But, I'm digressing, as KA would say. We were solving a problem related to a bottle of Chivas. I'm no detective and best of all I hate whiskey. So you know it did not tickle my palate. I'll let you solve this yourself. Look at that picture, that Vasanth kindly consented to contribute.

Vasanth isn't there because he clicked the picture. From the left; I'm the one with the pink leaflets in my hand. Hidden by me is Mr.M, the official at the check post. To my right are Hari, Soumyajit in the background (and closest to the car incidentally) & Rakesh.

I heard Mr. M confiscated the bottle in dispute. I never saw it. I never went into the office. I never...............

Forget it. You solve it.

By the way, Anonymous isn't a name. Who are you? That's the next mystery!!

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