Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Vigil

7.45 AM, 19th, April 2009. Bandipur National Park

The langur troop is feeding & playing on the treetops. All. Except one. 

He is the Sentinel & it's his job to keep vigil. 

The safety of his troop is his responsibility and frolicking is not on his agenda.

He watches. Resolutely. Unwaveringly.

He knows the price the troop will pay if he relaxes. He watches......

....... and watches.......

...........till the rough clatter of the diesel engine disturbs him. He breaks his vigil to look in our direction.
 "It's you!", his mocking expression says it all. "You pesky humans. Why are you always disturbing us? Cant you leave us to ourselves?" 

"How I wish I could be so care free like you. Oh! For a few winks of sleep......."
"No! I'm the Sentinel. My duty is to my troop. Go away pesky humans and leave me to my job. I have a family to protect". 


And the watchman goes back to his Vigil.

Resolute & determined to protect.

Undeterred by minor intrusions, like pesky humans!

"Halt! Who goes there?"


Parag Deshmukh said...

wow Doc, the monkey pics n comments are beautiful, the pics are really lovely, your cam really comes up with amazing colors

cappuccino said...

Remember those langurs in a row in Jodhpur?????Where are those pictures??