Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reptile luncheon

As a rule I have been more fascinated about mammals. Reptiles and bird haven't been sufficiently interesting for me to hold my attention for too long. But then, I had told you earlier, this Bandipur sojourn was different.

I was taking a nap after a heavy lunch, feeling rather like a well fed python. The children, my son and niece were ushered out and conveniently deposited on the hammock outside the cottage. Suddenly I was woken by yells of "Snake, snake", and I heard someone tell that it was in the process of swallowing it's prey. I grabbed my camera and rushed out, not remembering to switch to a longer lens.

There was a crowd below a silver oak, predominantly children, all craning their neck upwards. I too joined the mob and despite the hint of a crick looked upward. My jaw dropped as beheld a scene that I had only seen in pictures. A green vine snake was dangling from a branch with a garden lizard hanging out of its mouth. The head nad neck had already disappeared into the mouth and the rest of the lizard was following fast. I had no time to rush back to get another lens.

I had seen one green vine snake in my mango tree a few years ago. That was too high up and at night. Here was one dangling before my nose and I had almost ruined a golden opportunity. I had no choice but make do with the lens attached to the camera.

What a sequence it was? The lizard disappeared from view centimeter by centimeter........

.... till only the tail was left. The snake lay horizontally on the branch and drew the narrow tail inside like a noodle.

With a final twist like a spring uncoiled the snake moved off up into the tree.
The last of the lizard disappearing from view.

The only evidence of the event was the tell tale bulge just beyond the snake's neck. It would have probably laid up in some crook of a branch digesting it's meal. For the next week the snake would have had no thought of food.

Now. Just think about it. Eat a meal. Rest a week. What a great way to live. If only we could also eat & live like a reptile!!


Anonymous said...

this is great raju bhaiaaa

/<0USIK said...

Awesome moment captured ... thanks for sharing!

cappuccino said...

This deserves a wider audience...how about a photo feature ?????

Sudarshan said...


Parag Deshmukh said...

wow Doc, what an incident, beautifully captured in cam and well written, photos are superb even with attached lens, 55-200mm was on the cam i suppose?

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Hey - I am definitely delighted to discover this. cool job!