Sunday, May 24, 2015

Season of Change

First of all, my sincere apologies. It has been nearly three months since I sat down with a blog page open for typing. This time there is a good reason though. I was the organizing secretary for a midterm conference our district ophthalmic association was conducting. Almost four months of brainstorming & planning, it was finally executed rather happily for us a week ago.

Having set aside a major responsibility I am now free to pick up the threads from where I left off. The 100th blog post of the Woodcrawler's Journal came way back on the 20th February. In the final paragraph I had promised to place links to places I have already blogged about as the No.100 was getting unwieldy for a single read. My first task is that.

Then there are two places near here, in Palakkad that deserve a post of their own, Siruvani and Parambikulam. I will finish that before I go start the post recent trips on Bandipur, Kabini (Nagarahole) and BR Hills.

I have also decided that these post, in future will have a common framework around which the blog will be built. It will be on the lines of a travel blog giving information on routes, distance, accommodation (only those that I am familiar with) and any other relevant details. This has been necessitated by mails I get asking for information about these places.

This, then means, my blogs will not be just ramblings of a Woodcrawler but also, hopefully, a source of inspiration for other woodcrawlers in the making. It also means I have to find new places to blog about!

Happy Woodcrawling!!

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